Today, thanks to a small amount of saliva or a scrap of the cheek, you can discover from where your ancestors came from on a world map, you can also find the origin of your paternal line and your maternal line.

How does it work?

You order a kit with a test tube in which you will drop your saliva or your scrap of cheek and then you send it back to the lab. For the labs that we recommend, the shipping companies are aware that what they carry and all legal requirements are matched if they allow shipping to your country.

Usually it takes 1 month to get an answer, so be patient. Also, it is interesting to order 2 kits at two different labs because they use different analysis techniques. For you information, the lab extracts your DNA and reads it. Then, a dedicated software will read your DNA and compare it to templates and other DNA results from their database.

When the results are ready you can login to your member area on the DNA lab website.

What type of information do i get?

Ancestry composition:

This is the most useful type of information. You will be able to see on a map the origins of your ancestors coming from your maternal and paternal lines. The map is usually accompanied by DNA percentages for a specific region or country.


map of dna origins at 23andme
DNA origins results for me from
My DNA origins at myfamilytreedna
My DNA origins at myfamilytreedna


As you can see, there are similarities between my DNA origin results at 23andme and myfamilytreedna. Nevertheless, the DNA percentages are not the same.

DNA relatives:

Here you can find in the database of the lab that performed the test, people with a close DNA to you. That’s how some people have found lost family members. You will be able to see the percentage of shared DNA that you have with people who already took the DNA test. Plus, you can determine the privacy level to know whether or not you want people to contact you.

DNA relative matches at myfamilytreedna

Paternal line for men (Y-DNA):

If you are a man you can see your Y DNA haplogroup which will be your paternal line. The paternal line is equal to all men above in the family tree. In other words, it would be the father of the father of the father….

My Y dna origin
My Y dna origin at

G2a4 haplogroup frequency map
My Y dna haplogroup result (paternal line) at 23andme

Your maternal line:

The maternal line is extracted thanks to the mtdna. In this case, both women and men can know the origins of their maternal line. Among your results, you will be able to discover your mtdna haplogroup. One of the problem with mtdna is that the studies aren’t advanced today and the result brings back to an haplogroup aged 15,000 to 40,000 years.

My maternal line origin at
My maternal line origin at

What to do with the results?

The easiest thing to do once you get your results would be to login to your private area and take a look at the world map to check the countries of origin that have been found inside your DNA. Then, you can also take a look at the origin from your paternal haplogroup & your maternal line. You may find the results pretty broad but afterwards you can also perform your own research. I do advise you to perform your own research because today’s results from any labs are very broad and conservative. I guess the DNA test companies don’t want to broadcast bogus information. Because of those reasons don’t expect too much from the ancestry composition maps on which you can

You can also check your DNA relatives. By doing so, you can find distant cousins or even discover a lost family member.

How to find your origins with a DNA test?
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How to find your origins with a DNA test?
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