The 2 best ancestry DNA testing sites – the cheapest & the most efficient:

2 reports / 26 reference populations

This website sells the cheapest DNA test to get the results of your ancestry composition only. They compare your DNA to 26 reference populations. This is the only DNA testing website that makes a difference between British and Irish populations. It is advised to choose this DNA test if you have African origins because the lab compares your DNA to African reference populations that we didn’t see anywhere else. We counted 2 reports. The website has a useful forum as well. provides results that are accurate according to people who used the service even if it is the cheapest DNA testing service. AncestryDNA is perfect for those who are only looking for their overall ancestry composition.

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Up to 15 reports / 24 reference populations

You can order several in-depth tests to obtain your ancestry composition, your Y DNA, and mtDNA. FamilytreeDNA compares your DNA to 24 reference populations. We counted 15 reports for somebody who ordered the Family Finder, Y DNA & mtDNA tests. You can join groups of people who share their genetic markers of their Y and mtDNA haplogroups so that you can compare your markers with people all over the world. The DNA test packages are more expensive than the 23andme offer but they also provide more reports.  I also recommend familytreeDNA for people who look for Jewish ancestors as it is the only website that compares your autosomal DNA to the Sephardic Jewish ethnic pattern. Click here to read our detailed review about… Order a kit or read our detailed review about familytreeDNA

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The 3 best ancestry DNA testing sites
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The 3 best ancestry DNA testing sites
I have reviewed the three best DNA testing websites to find your ethnicity makeup and your origins.
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