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After ordering the 23andme.com kit, I received an envelope by FedEx. Inside the envelope, I have found the test kit and another envelope to send back the test kit by FedEx too.

The 23andme test kit.

I spat into the test tube and check if there was enough saliva to be slightly above the line. Then, I closed down the cap which released a liquid in the saliva. Then, I unscrewed and screwed the cap of the test tube (the little thing that you see that the base of the test tube on the picture).

Then, I visited 23andme several times. There was a progression bar with a status. Nevertheless, the test kit didn’t move during at least one week. I think I waited three weeks before getting the results.

Our opinion:

The 23andme offer has a great price/quality ratio. It provides many different pieces of information for what it is. The website is really easy to use for people who don’t know anything about DNA.

The DNA test results from 23andme.com

Ancestry composition:

23andme provides a detailed breakdown of your DNA origins. Your DNA is compared to 31 populations that you can see below on the picture. For every population, if you have ancestors in a particular population, you will see the percentage of it. For example, I have 18.3% of British and Irish ancestors. Then, the world map shows the regions of your ancestors in color.

Ancestry timeline:

This shows when people from a particular population have appeared in your family tree. For instance, on the following picture, it appears that I had Iberian and Italian ancestors who popped up in the family tree between 1750 and 1840.

Paternal Haplogroup:

The paternal haplogroup is the genetic origin of your oldest male ancestor. 23andme will tell you from where this haplogroup comes from and when it appeared on earth. The paternal haplogroup tree gives more details about the haplogroup. Take into account that it is a subclade.

Maternal Haplogroup:

The maternal haplogroup is the genetic origin of your female ancestors on the maternal lineage. The 23andme website also provides a map to show the migration of the women who led to your maternal haplogroup on a map.

Neanderthal origins:

23andme tells you how many variants from your DNA are inherited from the Neanderthals.

DNA relatives:

On this page, you will be able to find distant cousins, brothers, sisters, son, daughter, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts… A row in the table will also show the percentage of DNA and segments shared with you. The website also mentions a hypothetical relationship with this DNA relative.

Origins of DNA relatives:

It is also possible to know the overall origins of your DNA relatives. In the following picture, you can see that most of the DNA relatives have British and Irish ancestors.

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