DNA parentage

How to find a lost relative thanks to DNA testing?

DNA testing labs can be useful for those who are looking for close relatives. Our three favorite DNA testing labs allow new customers to get compared to their database of users and check the percentage […]

DNA and Ethnicity

How to find your percentage of Irish DNA?

We found that one DNA testing website could tell you how much Irish you are, It is ancestry.com. As you can see below, after sending the test tube to the ancestry.com DNA test lab, you […]

DNA and Ethnicity

How to check if you have Jewish origins?

We have reviewed AncestryDNA.com, 23andme.com, and familytreedna.com (ftdna.com) test labs and we have found that familytreedna.com provided the largest amount of information about Jewish origins. Ancestry composition (“myorigins” on ftdna.com): Familytreedna.com screens your DNA and […]

DNA and Ethnicity

The best DNA test to find out your Asian ancestors

We have discovered that the reference populations varied from one test lab to another. We have found that 23andme.com compare the customer DNAs against more Asian populations than other DNA test labs. 23andme provides the […]

DNA and Ethnicity

How do I know if I am an Ashkenazi Jewish?

DNA test against the Maternal lineage: Researchers have found that Ashkenazi Jewish people shared the same genetic markers coming from their maternal lineage. Those groups are called mtDNA haplogroups. There are 4 groups for the Ashkenazi […]