review – the DNA testing website is the DNA testing site with the largest community of users. As per April 2017, 4 million people bought the DNA test kit from

This website has one offer and provides the ethnicity makeup of the customer whatever her/his lineage. After you send your lab tubes back to, they compare your DNA to 26 reference populations to evaluate your DNA percentage for every population. That’s how they can tell you that you have a percentage of Irish ancestors in your blood.

The 26 reference populations come from the following regions:

  • In Europe: Ireland, Great Britain, Europe West (France and Germany), Europe East, Scandinavia, Italy/Greece, Finland/Northwest Russia, Iberian peninsula and European Jewish (Ashkenazi)
  • In America: Native American
  • In Asia: Near-east, Asia South, Asia east, Asia central
  • In Oceania: Polynesia, Melanesia
  • In Africa: Africa North, Bantu, Senegal, Mali, Cameroon/Congo, Benin/Togo, Nigeria, Africa south-central, Ivory/Ghan, Nigeria

Then, they provide you a result page just like the following which includes the area from where your ancestors come from and a percentage matching the ethnic group you belong to. Unfortunately, Ancestry DNA testing is not available for shipping to several countries.

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