August 22, 2018

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We review DNA testing labs to provide you the best reviews of ancestry DNA websites. For people who discover ancestry DNA, all the DNA testing websites may look the same. However, there are tremendous differences when we carefully look into it. You don’t need to do this job as we have don’t it for you. We extensively compared DNA testing websites and labs. I do encourage you to browse our website to find if there are some pieces of information that could be helpful to you and your family. In fact, after reading our articles, you can understand how you could take advantage of ancestry DNA for finding origins but also parenting and heritage… We know write articles to know what you can do with DNA testing. Some DNA testing looks useless but it, in fact, they always require additional investigations on your side after the DNA test results have been published. The DNA testing labs provide basic information. They do it because they don’t want people to think that their information isn’t reliable. Once you get your haplogroups, you can use it to find additional information on forums and from google search engine. Then, if you test your parents, you can get even more useful information about your origins because you can track back the origin of a particular ethnicity that you have. It is much more fun to test several family members to get a wider vision of origins. Don’t expect too much from the DNA testing lab. Still today science can’t determine the whole lines of your ancestors up to you. The provided DNA origins are most of the time from 500 years ago when there were no means of transport.