Private DNA labs allow today to check your DNA and also check whether your father or your mother is really your biological father / mother. For your information, you share roughly 50% of DNA with your father and 50% of DNA with your mother.

Consequently, if you test your DNA and the one of your father or mother, it is possible to know how much DNA is shared between the two.

Two DNA test labs provide everything you need to check it.

  • 23andme: Two test kits should be ordered. You have to spit a significant amount of saliva in a lab tube. Your father and your mother has to provide saliva too to compare the DNA to them. Each of you will have an account where you check the results. Once the results are here, a member area on allows you to check the closest DNA relative to yourself. If everything is correct, at the end your father or your mother should be appear on the list with other DNA relatives. Find a screenshot below of the DNA relatives category.

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dna relatives 23andme

  • Once again two test kits should be ordered. The procedure at familytreedna & the DNA screening software is different from 23andme but the results should be the same. In the case of, you receive a kind of toothbrush which you will use to scrap inside your cheek. Then you will put this little toothbrush in a test lab and send it back to the lab. familytreedna has also a software which will company DNA results from different users and show the result in a category called “Family finder” & then “matches”. Find below a screenshot of the Family finder category.

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family finder matches myfamilytreedna